23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: During pregnancy can we sleep on the floor? Now i am in my 6yh month

2 Answers
Answer: Not simply on the floor. Put a mat on the floor and then you can sleep on it.
Answer: No mam...its may hurts u..pls take care dear
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Question: Can i sleep on the empty floor during the last month?
Answer: If you are comfortable, it is quite alright to sleep on the floor when you are pregnant.but The spine is curved in nature and is very sensitive when you are pregnant. A flat floor might give you more pains if you sleep on it.The ligaments are under stress during pregnancy, and in an advanced stage where your uterus is expanded, and the baby starts kicking they might fall on to the lower side because of gravitational pull. This would cause discomfort and may result in an injury.Getting down to the floor and then getting up will become uncomfortable with a growing belly. Ur water may break if u get up from floor frequently.. as u r close to labor u may avoid dear..
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Question: Can i sleep on floor during 9th month of pregnancy
Answer: Dear its not advisable to sleepon flppe because that would be very hard for you to get up and get down. So its better to sleep on bed only..
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Question: can I sleep on floor during pregnancy
Answer: yes you can..i don't think it will bother the baby any, but it might be very uncomfortable and hard to sleep on the floor. You might be sore next day but baby is nice and snug wherever you sleep.
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