4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: During pregnancy, can I use eye drops for eye pain?

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Answer: Yes u can without any doubt In 4-5 that month eyes gets dry for some people then eye drops are suggestible So now u can use it May ur pain decreases as soon as possible
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Question: can I use eye drops during third trimester of pregnancy
Answer:  Infections are a common issue during pregnancy. Your body goes through a total evolution, preparing for the childbirth and parenting ahead. This is mostly because there is a huge hormonal shift while your body prepares itself for your growing baby. It is important to follow certain measures while dealing with an eye infection during pregnancy. Hygiene becomes the first crucial thing:  Keep Your Eyes Clean: Splashing cold water on your eyes will help get rid of any foreign particles flush away. This also helps soothe the blood vessels in your eyes. Make sure you do not use heavy eye makeup if you are prone to infections and allergies.  Warm Compress: A time tested method, warm compress helps the troubled blood vessels heal better if you are already infected. Hold a warm, wet wash cloth against the eye for few seconds.  Saline Eye Drops: The drops that are prescribed by your eye specialist will be mostly mild and saline based. In case of conjunctivitis antibiotic drops will be advised. Frequent application of these drops should ease the condition.  Medication: Follow the medication prescribed by your ophthalmologist to the. The frequency of usage should be strictly complied with as you are pregnant. More care needs to be exercised.  Protect Your Eyes: Wear good pair of sunglasses if you are stepping out. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from both dust and harmful UV rays. 
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Question: Can i use eye drops during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi. Yes you sure can use eye drops. But best is to consukt your doctor before using. As your doctor knows your condition much better.
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Question: Hi can i use eye drops during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, if you have some issue with your eye, definitely you can use. Along with try to clean your eyes with normal water.
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