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Question: During my ovulation period we tried for twice a daily. Does it affect to conceive? Or Does I have chances to get pregnant?

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Answer: Hii it will increase the chances of pregnancy don't worry. Also u should have sex atleast 2 to 3 days prior to ur ovulation.
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    Nishigandha Sasane834 days ago


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Question: Can we have sex after ovulation period or will it affect the chances of getting pregnant?? Coz I'm undergoing fertility treatment and doc suggested sex during ovulation period she didn't say anything after that
Answer: If average cycle 30 days, divide into 2 so 15 days. U should have IC from day 12 to day 18. There are ovulation test kits available.. You can predict through.. Before ovulation u should over loaded with sperms, egg can meet at any time so before and after ovulation IC is must
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Question: During my ovulation period we tried for daily 2 times a day . Does it affect the conceiving? Or will I get pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear, No it won't can have as much sex ,it usually won't effect would maximise your conception chances,if you had sex in ovulation period.
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Question: I have a fatty liver does it affect the chance to get pregnant
Answer: Hi dear fatty liver has no direct effect during pregnancy but after pregnancy changes in hormonal level can increase your liver dysfunction. So before planning for pregnancy you should consult doctor about this and take proper medication and your diet should be very light and absolutely non spicy and non oily if you are planning for pregnancy with fatty liver. Hope That help.
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