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Question: Duphaston is a safe medicine?

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Answer: Hello, yes it's safe you can have it if your gynecologist have prescribed it for you.
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Question: Duphaston is safe in pregnancy?
Answer: hello , duphaston is progesterone tablet and used in second trimester to treat chances of miscarriage, preterm labour, unusual muscle contraction ,and changes in cervix. If this medicine is prescribed by your gynecologist you should take it.
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Question: Is Duphaston is safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is absolutely safe. It is given to avoid the risk of miscarriage in preganncy and for the maintenence of pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Taking duphaston is safe?
Answer: Hi taking duphaston is absolutely save because it is a progesterone supplement and it sustains your pregnancy and not only that it helps you to make it viable usually this supplement is given by doctor in 3 months of the pregnancy after 3 months of pregnancy the Placenta takes over hence there is no need of progesterone supplement however I would suggest you to continue this medicine till the time you are a doctor prescribes .. Hope this helps
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