36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Due to low liquor doctor told me for bed rest... What should I do for normal delivery???

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Answer: Oligohydraminos is a rare condition where the amniotic fluid is deficient.It can cause complications ranging from abortion,deformity like club foot or even amputation of a limb,cord compression, etc. Oral administeration of water and argenine can help increase amniotic fluid volume.Amniofusion cn also be done. Please talk to your doctor.
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Question: What is guidence for normal delivery doctor told me for bed rest i m 7 months pregnent what to do i dont want opration
Answer: Dont do anything for normal delivery as there must be some problem that is why you are advised for bed rest . Dont take any risk and take complete bedrest till your doctor has suggested.
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Question: Im 2 months pregnant n dr has told me complete bed rest due to subchorionic bleeding. Is it normal? What else should i do to cure it soon..
Answer: Hi dear, It happens mostly in the initial stages of pregnancy when there is sudden growth spurt.unless the bleeding is more ,it is actually not a matter of concern.moreover,take bed rest till it heals on its own.donotbstress out,it is common.
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Question: Plz tell me how can I get normal delivery because I can't take any exercise for normal delivery as my doctor told me to take bed rest
Answer: hie, since your gynecologist has adviced you against exercise rest well and practice breathing exercises make sure you eat healthy so that you keep all your HB and bp levels in check. dont stress and stay positive
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