13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Drumstick sambar safe during pregnancy

2 Answers
Answer: Hi, Although drumsticks are full of nutrition and are very beneficial for pregnant women, there are some parts of the drumstick tree which can cause side effects. Also, over-consumption can cause problems in the body. The bark and roots of drumstick contain toxic chemicals that can cause miscarriages.
Answer: No dear, The most dangerous food that can lead to miscarriage in early pregnancyis drumstick. It is bad for pregnantwomen because drumstick tree contains alpha-sitosterol, with estrogen-like structure that can lead to miscarriage.
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Question: Is it safe to drink drumstick leaves /moringa leaves juice during pregnancy?
Answer: Kindly avoid having it in concentrated version of it. Yes it is safe to have drumstick and it's leaves but avoid taking it in excess.it is heat fo body..
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Question: Should I eat drumstick during pregnancy ???
Answer: Yes, u can have drumsticks as it is believed to increase breastmilk and it has high iron content
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Question: Drumstick during pregnancy
Answer: Drumsticks are a big NO during pregnancy.It may lead to miscarriage. Take Care
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