24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dried carnberries is good for 24 weeks pregnant women

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Answer: Hi, Pregnancy is a time when your body requires a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Therefore, daily intake of various types of fruits helps in the healthy growth of the foetus and also in treating ailments or infections in a pregnant woman. Cranberry is one such fruit which has several benefits and which, when consumed during pregnancy, can help in keeping many health problems at bay. It provides immunity and prevents UTI ,v prevents constipation etc. Hope this helps.
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can have it, there are several benefits, it improves immunity, prevents constipation and hydrates body..
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Answer: Hey dear if u take proper treatment then corona s not harmful consult to ur gynologist nd take paracetamol, vitamin c suppliment nd another medicine as ur dr suggest u . Kerp ur self in isolation nd take healthy diet . Take 3 to 4 times steam in a day ,take lemon regularly as uts a big source of vitamin c ,avoid cold things nd cold water .only take warm water ,turmeric milk ,take ginger tea too nd think positive it ll be positive .nd wash hands frequently Nd after 14 days again go 4 covid test .Take care
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Question: Normal heart beat for pregnant women if the baby is 6 weeks
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy A fetal heartbeat starts at between 90 and 110 bpm during the first weeks of pregnancy. It will increase and peak at around weeks 9 to 10, between 140 and 170 bpm.
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Answer: Hello dear yes you can eat mango during pregnancy time before eating you should dip in a normal water for 2 to 3 hours after that you should take it
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