27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr said i have breech baby what to do turn the position of the baby

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Answer: hi there are chances that a baby be done and may come to cephalic position which is normal for normal delivery in a cephalic position the baby is held down which is the most ideal position for normal delivery
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Question: Doctor said baby is in breech position. What can be done. Will the baby position turn?
Answer: Walk daily.. Do squats... If possible climb steps for ten to 15 mins once in a day.. It will help to bring the baby in head down position..
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Question: Hello, i have found baby is in breech position during ultrasound...so what can i do to turn the baby.?
Answer: Hi dear,baby can change their position at any time before 36 th week,so,don't worry giving u some tips which may help-walk regularly for at least 30 mins,Use forward leaning inversion off d couch for 30-45 secs,for 5-7 times in a day,it will help to take ur baby in a head down position..
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Question: Dr said i have breech baby so what are the excerises or food that can turn my baby to normal position
Answer: The breech position. Throughout your pregnancy, your baby repeatedly turns around and changes position. Most babies will settle into a head-down, or 'cephalic', position by 36 weeks of pregnancy. 
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