6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr i am getting stomach pain i am 6 weeks 7day pregnant is it normal

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Answer: Stomach cramps and pain are normal during first trimester...ur uterus keeps expanding..so thats quite normal...dont worry....
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    Roopa V609 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am getting slightly stomach pain. Is it normal?
Answer: Dear stomach pain is caused by the stretching of the ligament that supports the uterus, as the uterus grows. This is normal, therefore, do not worry, try using Maternity pillow. However, gas and bloating can also be the reason. Sit down, put your feet up and relax.. Keep yourself hydrated (drink lot of fluids)..... Whenever, you will next visit your gynaecologist, inform her about the same.
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Question: Hi am 20 weeks pregnant, am getting pain in my stomach pain, it is normal??
Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like a round ligament pain.there are two ligaments that holds uterus.it is usually short ligaments and once the Pregnancy progresses,it stretches too much,hence sudden movements would give such pains.donot worry.it should.subsife in some time.so better to move around slowly.
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Question: Hello Dr. I am 6th week pregnant. I am getting right side stomach pain. Is it normal?
Answer: Getting stomach pain is normal during pregnancy..No need to worry about it...Take healthy and proper diet as prescribed
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