12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Double marker test complete 11 week me hota hai ya running???

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Question: double marker test konse week me hota h
Answer: Hii The main intention of performing double market test is to find out whether there is any kind of chromosomal abnormality in the foetus or not. The abnormalities that are usually detected in the test are Down syndrome, Trisomy 13, 18 and 21. All the three disorders are because of chromosomal abnormalities and could cause serious problems. The test can be done in big cities and hospitals and the results are available within a week.This test is typically performed in the first trimester, between 10 and 13 weeks of pregnancy.
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Question: double marker test kitne week me hota hai?
Answer: Double Marker test is performed to check the fetus having any abnormalities or not.double marker test available for fetus who suffer from Down's syndrome.It is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. This test detects any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after the conception occurs. If the test result shows negative value that it confirms that your baby is free from any abnormalities.
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Question: Double marker test kaun se week me hota h?
Answer: Double marker test is done in between 8week to 14 weeks of pregnancy. It checks for the chromosomal defect in babies if any. Good luck.
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