14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Double markar test me Trisomy-21 = 1:250 , Trisomy-18/13 = 1:100 iska matlab kya hya?? Sab thik hya ya koi problem hya??

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Answer: Show it to your doctor. She may recommend nipt test.
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Question: Double marker test me Trisomy 21 - 1:250 , Trisomy 18/13 - 1:100 iska matlab kya hay?? Sab thik hai ya koi problem hya??
Answer: hi dear! this reports show that there might be risk dear. if your other reports in the dual marker is normal like the nt scan or the papp-a then its fine but you should do an amniocentesis to confirm if there is any problem. this test is a confirmatory test that will let us know if the baby has a problem or no. so do consult with your doctor and do the test dear. in amniocentesis , they will with a help of a syringe take some fluid from your fluid that surrounds the baby (amniotic fluid) and see for any problems in the cells that are taken from the fluid in the laboratory dear. and then confirmation is given if everything is fine or no . take care dear.
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Question: My double marker test is trisomy 21 it is 1:100 and trisomy 13/18 is 1:250..is it normal?
Answer: Hi limits are dependent on different doctors, region etc. In it case may b they would recommend for additional test in 15 weeks. But still it's just a marker n don't say that baby is having any issue..I had similar results but I made them do retest then number changed..so nothing to worry, doc shall recommend
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Question: My trisomy-21 is 1:250 and trisomy-18/trisomy-13 is 1:100
Answer: For me also same problem
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