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Question: Does vaginal delivery affect the sexual life as the cervix area expands?

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Answer: Hello... No dear, after delivery the cervix tends to get little widen, but after 6-8 week,everything will get normal, so it won't affect your sexual life in any way
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    mishra tripti689 days ago

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Answer: No , I had one normal delivery
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Question: what happens to the size of vagina after normal delivery...? does it increases...or it comes back to original size..? does it affect sexual life..?
Answer: Hey, Yes definitely the size will change as your are pushing out a human out of your vagina. There will be some looseness after delivery. Sex will be difficult for first few months as due to your unsettling hormones, Breastfeeding and exhaustion you ll be feeling dry because of which penetration can be painful. Both of you need to be very patient and caring towards each other regarding sex. There will be times when sex will feel like a distant thing to you once your baby arrives. So accept the changes and work accordingly.
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Question: does after delivery vegina size expands??? or remains same??
Answer: hello.. dear if is it normal delivery your vagina will expand for labor. dont worry after few day or few weeks it will be back to original position... but if your delivery is with c section then its normal...
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Question: Does my period affect my sex life
Answer: Hello dear no periods does not affect your sex life but after delivery period becomes irregular so better use precautions.
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