28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does sitting long makes the head of my baby big ? πŸ™„ My mil said this ! πŸ˜’

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Answer: Hello dear no it's a message that setting for too long will make baby's head long but sitting for too long is not good for your health so keep taking rest in between otherwise you might get back pain
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Question: How long does it take to close the space completely on the upper head of the baby?
Answer:Β Hi dear, Ye soft spots on head of baby allows the brain and es to grow.the back spot fuses within 8 weeks but the top soft spot could take 9 months to 2 years.
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Question: during third trimester,sitting too long time will make the baby's head longer??and makes the delivery complicated?
Answer:Β Hie It's a myth and has nothing to do with reality However you must not sit for long interval of time as it may cause backache Take a quick walk in between
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Question: Does the head of the baby become flat if i sleep for long time and sleep flat??one of my relative told this..is it true?
Answer:Β Yes possible.. so it's is compulsary to use mustard pillow.. available online or offline in baby shop..babies head are soft so it can change shape if baby sleep on flat surface..
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