16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does mosquito bat shock will harmmy baby

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Answer: Hello dear. No it wouldn't harm the baby, don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Hi.. I got an electric shock from mosquito bat in my finger.. Will this harm the baby?
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this wont cause any harm to your baby but please be very careful while handling electronic gadgets even when you use the sockets dont keep wet hands and also walking on wet floors you should be carefull.
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Question: Got shock from mosquito bat is it harmful to my baby
Answer: Hi. No it wont effect baby. D9nt worry. Mosquito bat shocks are not verybhigh intensity. Iys made to kill mosquito so wont affrct much with humans font worry.
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Question: Yesterday I got shock from mosquito bat is it harmful to my baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear please be careful from next time, any kind of jerk is not good. If you feel normal then you can ignore, otherwise see your gynaecologist once.
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