8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does masturbation is allowed in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear, avoid masturbation in the initial weeks of pregnancy. It can harm your baby. You can do it after completing 1st trimester.
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Question: Is masturbation safe in pregnancy
Answer: hi Many women find that their libido actually increases significantly during pregnancy. Blame it on all those hormonal changes! As progesterone and estrogen increase, your sexual appetite can increase, too. you’re experiencing normal or increased desires, sex and masturbation shouldn’t be an issue during a low-risk pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you on whether vaginal penetration and orgasm are a problem... Some women notice mild cramping sensations after reaching orgasm during sex or masturbation. This sensation is related to contracting muscles, and it may trigger Braxton-Hicks contractions, a kind of irregular uterine contraction that eventually tapers off and disappears
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Question: Masturbation allowed in 6 month pregnancy
Answer: It is completely safe!Pleasuring yourself while pregnant no way directly involves your baby, not only is it completely natural, but it is encouraged by most health practicioners to keep a healthy sexual lifestyle without feeling like you are harming your baby. Good luck.
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Question: Is masturbation safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear ,unless your doctor says otherwise it is safe to have masturbate until your water breaks, unless you are uncomfortable with it. it can trigger contractions..
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