37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does massage daily morning baby with mustard oil can change the baby skin colour.?

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Answer: hi do not worry it is important to give massage to the baby it will help to strengthen the muscles of the baby and to give proper strength you can give massage to the baby and applying oil will not change the colour of the baby usually the baby changes its skin colour every fortnite therefore just do not worry
Answer: No it will not change color and all.. But it will make your baby cool..
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Question: My twins are 56 days old can i use mustard oil for massage ,does mustard oil make the skin dark
Answer: Hello dear U can massage ur baby with any oil. U can use any oil which suits ur baby's skin. As I Firstly use desi ghee for my baby but it did not suits my baby skin. After than i start using coconut oil, which really suits my baby. But remember to use coconut oil in summers or when weather is good. Don't use in winter as baby can catch cold. For winters, u can use mustard oil.
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Question: Can I massage my baby with mustard oil with garlic?
Answer: Yes u may apply on ur babys chest and back to get relief from cold and congestion.... since baby is only 3 months old.. sometimes baby may develop rashes if they are allergic to any of those ingredients.. so try to apply a little on the first day.. if baby os fine without any rashes u nay followup
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Question: Does mustard oil massage to the baby skin cause tanning and darkening the skin tone for life?
Answer: Choosing a massage oil for baby mostly depends on his skin. If he suffers from dry skin then coconut oil is best, but if you don't want to use coconut during winter you can very well use sesame oil. You can also use mustard oil , but it's largely avoided due to chances of contamination. If your baby’s skin is normal to oily then go with olive or almond oil.
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