18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does it have any problems in making sex with each other after 3 months?

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Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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Question: Does any have dental problems after delivery
Answer: Hi! During pregnancy a lot of changes can happen in a woman and the in her body and then till problem is it can be a very problematic but if it is still processing even after delivery it is suggested to please see a dentist .. Hope this helps!
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Question: 3 months pregnant husbandand wife can mingle with each other?
Answer: Hi. If you have a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right up until your Water breaks. There are lots of physical benefits of sex so pregnancy is not a reason to stop. And you may find that being free from worries about conception and contraception, you feel sexier than ever.  even think that women who have regular sex during pregnancy may be less likely to give birth prematurely. Having orgasms may also be related to a lower chance of giving birth early. if you're feeling sexy and well enough, then it's a good thing to keep your sex life going throughout pregnancy. Having satisfying sex during this time is gud for ur relationship......
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Question: Does doing sex leads to misscarriage or any other problems
Answer: Dear sex isn't recommendes during first trimester and should be avoided. You can sex once ur 13 weeks of pregnancy is over and ur pregnancy is not having any complications. Make sure there is no pressure on the stomach while having sex. Hope it helps.
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