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Question: Does eating Cherry good for baby during pregnancy??

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Answer: Helli dear. Yes you can have cherries during pregnancy. Cherries are a rich source of nutrients and pack a healthy punch. It is a great fruit to be eaten while pregnant because it helps in improving the blood flow to the placenta which carries food from the mother to the baby. Hope it helps.
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    DEBAJANI SAHOO830 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestion

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Answer: Yes absolutely as orange are rich source of vitamin c..it is advicable to eat vitamin c rich fruits throughout ur pregnancy..don't forget to take other nutritional food n medicines on time for a smoothier pregnancy
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Question: Does pineapple is good for eating during pregnancy
Answer: Usually most of them will not eat pineapple when pregnant. Some people will eat it. Just check with your doctor if pineapple is good for you at this time.
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Answer: Normal biscuits ki jagah aap threptin diskettes (biscuits) le sakti hai. It contains protein. Or choti bhookh ko bhi khatam karta hai.
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