39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does Linea Nigra accurately predicts the gender of a baby?

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Answer: Not at all.....these all are myths. I had that line and according to the statements the straight line indicates the presence of a baby boy but I am blessed with a baby girl 🙂 so just wait for your little one to come 🙂 take care
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Question: Does linea nigra have something to do with the gender of the baby?
Answer: Hi It gender determination scan or ultrasound is the only way to know the gender of your baby ,which is illegal in India so would suggest rather wait for the grand surprise in your life untill delivery Linea nigra is common in pregnancy and can't predict your baby's gender Take good care of yourself and stay fit for a healthy baby
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Question: if Linea nigra line below the belly button... that means gender of the baby is girl?
Answer: This is only for fun. Dont trust any of those old wives when it comes to guessing the baby's sex. According to them if line is dark then u have baby boy and if it is light then girl but mostly all women have dark line and it is due to hormonal changes. I had light line when i was but now i have a baby boy. So it is only fun.
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Question: Hi, Does linea nigra line predict baby gender?
Answer: Hi there is no relation between linea nigra and the fetal sex , it is just a normal pregnancy related skin change. Moreover the health and safety of the baby is of utmost importance rather than his/her gender.Trying to find out the gender of the baby before birth is a punishable offence in our country :)
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