40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does Braxton hicks feels like period pain????after how many days of Braxton hicks does actual labor pain start???

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Answer: Yes and after Braxton Hicks labor pain can start at any time so be prepared and good luck🤰🙂
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Question: After how many days of Braxton Hicks contractions the actual labor pain starts?
Answer: Braxton Hicks do not cause labour or opening of the cervix . know if you are having contractions try to check the time gap between the contractions if the contractions are 10 minutes apart is the time when you have to go to your doctor
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Question: How is Braxton Hicks feels??
Answer: Hello dear, it will feel like sudden tightening of the abdomen and slow relaxation of the belly...you may feel slight abdominal cramps and pain also..
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Question: How to differentiate from braxton hicks and true labor contraction? As i have period like cramps and stomach tightening
Answer: Braxton hicks contractions are usually not regular, do not increase in frequency and are not painful.Unlike labor contractions these do not get stronger with time.They tend to decrease or stop if you walk around a little or change position. There are other signs you are close to labor like cervis dilation, mucus plug,water break, baby drop etc.
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Question: how mamy hours does braxton hicks last.i am getting signs of braxton hicks since morning like sharp pain near my anus .pain betwn vagina and where belly ends with frequent intervals last for few seconds
Answer: Hello! There is no particular time or period for this. It happens differently in every case. It is actually the process of getting the body prepared for the actual labor. Take care
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