1 months old baby

Question: Doctor told to feed till she stops sucking. If I do so, my baby vomits the entire milk after she drinks.

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Answer: Most people have vomiting till 5 months, some 3 months. Hope ur vomiting frequency slowly stops. Happy parenting..
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Question: My baby spitts milk after feeding and doesn't sleep until she vomits and cry till she vomits
Answer: After every feed you should make your baby to burp
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Question: My baby is 24 days old, she most of the time vomits after sucking milk
Answer: Hi dear, it's common problem in new born babies.. Sometime baby feeds more than the requirement and flow of milk  is more it happens so :- # take break while feeding # make sure baby burps after feeding one side before shifting to other # hold your baby on your shoulder for 5-10 min # don't make baby to do more activity like shaking  just after the feed Hope this will help you.. if still continues after each feed please consult to your doctor.
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Question: My baby takes feed every 2hrs..but in the evening she takes feed hourly once and she vomits all the milk...after every feed ill burp her but still she vomits the milk..wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, you are a baby should take each feed after 2 hours. In the evening your baby taking feed in every hours it causes over-feeding. That's why your baby is vomiting, don't feed you baby in short time gap, it is very wrong practice. Burp your baby in between each feed and after completion of feed. Hope that will help.
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