21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor ne plecenta niche btaya h pr me 10 min. Bhi khde rhkr kuch km krti hu lower abdominal me pain ho jata h yha tk ki bethne pr to 5 min me hi start ho jata h...me kya kru plz hlp me

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Answer: Placenta niche hai...to aapko bedrst lena hoga...mujhe b low lying placenta tha ...main b bedrest b thi ...plz bedrst lo....dont bend ...dont use stairs...2 legs pe baithke kaam mat kro
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    Neha Tanwar170 days ago

    Thnku so much

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Question: Abdominal me niche k side pain ho rha h aur kamar me bhi muche pills bhi ho gya h kya kru nind bhi nhi aa rhi
Answer: While you sleep ...sleep in left side position and keep pillow at your back for support.it may reduce your pain.. abdominal side me pain common..as the baby is ready to come..bones and muscles at that area will change for delivery purpose
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Question: Meri baby ko 9 months complete ho gya h Vo bhut kam Pani piti h pr urine Bhut krti H Har 5 se 10 min me
Answer: Hi, relax dear, they are small and will not have more water. Urine output is normal then why you worry. Baby should be given water 4-6 spoons after every meal. This much is also enough for the baby. Slowly the baby will like the taste of water and will start drinking more. You try to have a glass of water in front of the baby, may be the baby will copy this and ask for it. It's is the usual tendency of the children too copy elders Also you can give juices or buttermilk and soups. This will also take care if fluids intake.
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Question: Mera baby 10 month ka h ...use 3-4 din se bhut potiya lg rhi h doctor ko bhi dikhaya pr thik hi nhi ho rhi h me kya kru k potiya thodi km ho jaye
Answer: Hello dear Teething is the most common cause for diarrhoea in infants. However, diarrhoea in infants can also be caused due to infection, viral gastroenteritis, bacteria etc. Diarrhoea in infants can be treated with home remedies. As dehydration takes place. give baby adequate water and plenty of fluids. Here are some home remedies for diarrhoea in infants. Offer buttermilk eliminating other dairy products from diet. Give mixture of honey and dried ginger powder to the infant every few hours. This will help curbing diarrhoea. Equal amount of dried aniseed and sugar also helps. Keep this mixture on the tongue of your child every one hour. Give pomegranate juice at regular intervals. This will help in rehydrating the child. Cut one apple and boil it in water till it is tender. Add one teaspoon of sugar and 2 pinches of nutmeg. Feed the child with the mixture. Add 3 cups of water to one chopped papaya. Boil for 10 minutes and then strain the papaya from water. Feed 2 teaspoons four times a day. Avoid giving peaches, plums and apricots. Yogurt is the only dairy product that works as binder and aids the digestive system and helps to cure diarrhoea.
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