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Question: Doctor, i had csection and delivered a boy 4 years back. Now i am pregnant 37 weeks. I am trying for VBAC. Please suggest some tips for natural labour. Also at what circumstance normal delivery is possible. Please reply.

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Question: Hi doctor, first delivery was c section. Now im in 34 week of my second pregnancy. Is it possible for VBAC? I have a gap of 4.5 years between both pregnancy. Tips for vbac?
Answer: Yes it possible but depends on thickness of the scar and complete healing of scars But since it is more than 3 years then you can think for this . But you should talk in detail with your doctor as because of 1st ceaserian,no one will take chance for vaginal delivery as during labour pain there is high chance of uterus rupture.
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Question: Im in my 38th week of my pregnancy bfr 4 days get some false pain after tht i didnt get any pain im trying for normal delivery i need some tips for include natural labour pain
Answer: Hi dear, I can understand your impatience.to get natural labor pain ,you have no other option but to wait. Some of the early signs of labor are: 1- pinkish or reddish mucous discharge 2- dull back or abdomen ache 3-water leak 4-urge to empty bowels 5- strong and regular and continuous contractions 6- baby drops Though you can try following tips to induce pain naturally: 1- eating spicy food 2- taking some castor oil 3- eating pineapple 4- doing sex If post 40 weeks ,no pain starts,you might need to be induced.
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Question: Hi, I had a baby of 1 year 7 months by Csection. Now I am pregnant with 32 weeks. I want to go for VBAC. Is it possible for vbac in my case?? Kindly tell me pros and cons.
Answer: Only if dr is enuf gap between ur first n 2nd child u can giv normal delivery a chance, in ur case d gap is not much. However sometimes, women who need c-sections in 1st delivery need it because their pelvis is too small or because they have issues with their uterus. If that is your case, you 2nd child will also b thru csec. Also if you choose to go through with the normal delivery, know that the scar on your uterus could come apart during labor and you could start bleeding. This is called a uterine rupture. If your uterus ruptures, dr r chances of infant death....so both u n ur doc weigh up all d risks n den decide basis ur medical health...having said that few tips for normal delivery r -
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