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Question: Doc i got chumps on 14 feb after 18 feb we had unprotected sex i m facing loose motions mild stomach pain backpain are these symptoms of pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear these can be symptoms of pregnancy but it dienst means u r sure pregnant. Only missed period can indicates pregnancy and u can confirm if u get two red lines in kit
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    P S685 days ago

    I took many medicine still motions n stomach pain is there and I have checked today test is negative

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Question: I had normal delivery on 14 dec. These days i m facing discomfort in pooing. How to deal with it?
Answer: Hi! Firstly congrats! Constipation is a common problem during and after pregnancy , there are many reasons of it from pre natal medicines to slow bowel movements. however you can follow some home remedy to get some relief; 1)Please increase your water consumption as it helps in bowel movement. 2)Have fibrous food which are easily digestible like green veggies, oats they have high fibre content. 3) Have isabgol every night, you can.have pitted prunes, overnight soaked raisins too as theu work as natural laxative. 4)Dont strain while you are on the loo, take time have some water and again try. Hope this helps!
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Question: My last lmp was on 27th jan... We had unprotected sex in my ovulation days but I'm not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy. From when the symptoms starts
Answer: You can wait for one more week. Symptoms will not come so early. Later you can do home pregnancy test for confirmation.
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Question: Hii.. My last period was on 10th oct.. Now i got little bit left side stomach pain and back pain.. These are symptoms of pregnancy?
Answer: It may or may not,wait for more weeks & get confirm
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