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Question: Do we have back pain in 1 trimester

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Answer: Hi dear many congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂.. The back pain during pregnancy is common, because the ligaments in your body naturally becomes softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This puts a strain on joints of your lower back and pelvis, which causes back pain. It will be fine after your delivery. Try using Maternity pillow, it will give you some comfort.
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    Naveena Shaili427 days ago

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Answer: Yes dear.. some women develop back pain during first trimester of pregnancy due to the implantation of the fertilised egg in the wall of the uterus or due to the expansion of the uterus to accommodate your growing baby which puts pressure on your back muscles...so just use a pillow to support your back and use hot compress to help ease the pain dear..
Answer: Yes dear... I had back pain from the very beginning my friend.. So there is nothing to worry about... Try to go for brisk walk, drink plenty of fluids and sleep on sides.. These helped me a lot.. Hope it helps you too... Happy pregnancy 😊
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Question: Why do we get hip & back pain during first trimester
Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulation for your pregnancy. Back pain and hip pain complain is common during pregnancy and in a pregnancy I should avoid medicine as much as possible so u can apply some home remedy for back pain . Reason :- 1) weight gain 2) posture changes 3) hormonal changes 4) muscle separation 5) stress 6) fatigue 7) muscular imbalances. 8) insufficiency of calcium . Treatment:- 1) swimming - swimming is a best treatment of back pain during pregnancy . 2) weight training for control weight. 3) walking and stretching. 4) practising good posture- sit straight, sit on chair that have supportive and use pillow at your back . 5) lifting properly - don't lift heavy object. 6) sleeping properly- sleep in correct posture. 7) including daily physical activity in your routine. 8) use hot water bottle. 9) exercise and yoga 10) take calcium . Thanku
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Question: Can we do yoga in 1 trimester
Answer: Hi dear first trimester is very crucial and it's better to avoid any physical exercise during this time. You can do a walking for 30 minutes daily and breathing exercises and meditation on a regular basis. If you have normal pregnancy without any complication like low lying placenta then from second trimester you can start doing yoga on a regular basis but make sure you should not hurt your stomach . Take care, all the best.
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Question: In my 2nd trimester, have back pain
Answer: In second trimester back pain is normal but if it is increasing and unbearable so u should consult your doctor.
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