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Question: Do lower tummy get stuck in if hungry for a long period in early preg?

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Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily.atleast I have never heard of such thing.Ideally missed period is one of the confirmed sign of conception,but some women are sensitive enough to spot the signs as early as 4 th week.some of them are: 1- tender and swollen breasts 2- mild abdominal cramps 3- dull back ache 4- fatigue 5- increased urinating 6-spotting 7-nausea 8-increased basal temperature 9- smell sensitivity 10-darkening of areolas Some of the above symptoms does overlap,with pms,so one needs to wait till the next period and confirm should wait till one week post missed period and take the test.all the best!
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Question: Why do i get stretching n tightening in upper stomach rather than lower tummy in early preg?
Answer: Hello! Lower tummy stretching Happens later in the pregnancy then there baby grows. Initial phase baby stays in the upper portion only, That is why you feel the stretch in the upper portion. Take care
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Question: How long travelling is safe in early preg
Answer: Hi dear, Travelling is safe as long as you have no pregnancy complications.i had been travelling daily to my workplace till last it depends on your pregnancy.
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Question: Will a mother's milk get spoil if stored in therir breast gor a long period?
Answer: Hi! Mothers milk can be stored in freezer for long time and feed, before feeding take it out from the freezer twirl it a liitle once it is in room temperature feed the baby, please do not heat or boil it. In normal temperature it can be kept for 5-6 hours. Good luck!
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