27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Do it affect my baby if m having low placenta and I have sex

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Answer: It doesn't affect baby... But avoid intercourse
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Question: Can I have sex..i have completed my first trimester.. If I have sex it will affect My baby...?
Answer: Hi dear you can have sex. Just conslut doctor regarding this. If you have healthy pregnancy you can have sex. Use protection to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. You are top and side by side position is good during seX. Don't put pressure on your belly. Be safe.
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Question: I have anterior placenta.. will it affect the baby if we have sex during pregnancy. Pls explain.
Answer: Hi know dear if you are having anterior Placenta that means your Placenta is located in front wall of uterus which is quite good position of placenta so it won't do any problem while having sex unless it's low lying or placenta previa
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and have bleeding due to low placenta will it affect me and my baby
Answer: Hi dear if u don't take precautions then it may led to ur miscarriage so plz take rest and follow doctor advise. Don't miss taking medicine and plz don't take assertion at any cas e
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