1 months old baby

Question: Do brand of vaccination matter or not

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Answer: Actually the right composition matters more than the brand. SO check for composition
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Question: Put ice cube after vaccination its do or not .have An ice cube reduce the effect of vaccination? And also thrombophob oinment is used or not for swolling ?
Answer: hi yes fermenting the vaccinated area with ice cube will help baby not getting the blood clot. it won't reduce effect of vaccination that means the pain and fever will not be reduced with ice fomanting , but it won't let the blood clot form and get baby swelling. if doctor has prescribed the appointment then you can definitely go for it but don't use it without doctors consent .
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Question: What to do if amniotic fluid is more? Is it matter of concern or not??
Answer: Hi dear...have u got Ur blood sugar checked?plz do get it...some people get gestational diabetes at 7 month, due to which there is increase in amniotic fluid volume...and also do get checked other things required...increase in amniotic fluid is not considered normal
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Question: Badam milk of MTR brand is safe to consume during secend trimester or not
Answer: Hello Badam milk is gud for health bt using storebought products is nt wise as it contains artificial flavours and sugars...so it s gud to hav badam ie soaked overnight or else u can make badam powder at home itself if u can
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