2 months old baby

Question: Diet chart for a mother thats help baby developement

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Answer: Hello... Dear during lactation, you should have nutrious diet, so follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include whole grain ,they are rich in dietary fibre and vitamin b complex,helps in preventing fat deposit,such as brown rice and bread in your diet,which is rich in corbohydrates produces lot of energy and also increase your milk production,can include oats too they help in healthy digestive system Add more fruits and veggies in your diet ,can have lot of salads,soups,sabji,so that it makes you feel energetic and also include more green leafy vegetables will provide lot of iron needed for your body and also prevents constipation,avoid potato,raw banana will increase gas related issues during breast-feeding Milk is rich source of calcium,needed during this phase,so atleast drink two glasses of milk daily. It is essential to drink two to three litres of water,will help to flush out all toxin and also stay away from dehydration You can go for healthy snack option like dryfruits,nuts,riceflakes will also help in milk production,and you can also add spices like cumin,fenugreek ,garlic in your diet will boost your milk supply,and it also provides good digestion Include lean chicken and lamb (mutton) in your diet will helps in healing the body and also provide more energy needed ,it helps in weight gain of baby too Avoid oil,spicy ,packed foods, opt for healthy home made foods.
Answer: Hello dear. Here is a list of foods that you can have: Include more of milk and milk products. Make room for whole grain cereals. Have more fruits, nuts and seeds. Eat more protein. Have fenugreek seeds. Green Leafy Vegetables and greens. Take care.
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Answer: Hi dear, Hearty congratulations to you and your family. Post delivery it is quite important to have healthy balanced diet.most of the fruits and veggies are safe and infact recommend to develop immunity and strength.citrus fruits have this myth of delaying healing stiches,but it is untrue.please have lot of citrus fruits which would boost your immunity.some says that eating spicy food would also give colic issues in baby.it is also untrue.remember baby gets only th nutrition from the diet you have.it won't give gastric issue due to the food you eat.baby could have various taste of food which you eat,but it has no relation to the direct impact of food you eat.deinking water is very much necessary.some beleive it might dilute breast milk or even give cold to baby.it is a superstitious.breastmilk is produced through your blood.so no relation to drinking water etc.keep yourself well hydrated,eat healthy fats through dry fruits,avocado,etc.you can eat dry fruit,gondh laddos now.eat comes carbs more.oat is very healthy even increase breasting supply.keepnyour calorie count more than 500 if you are breastfeeding.lots of sales,pulses,wholegrains.if you re non vegetarian,then have fish,chicken,eggs.it is beleive that eating lot of protein in diet would make your breast milk more richer,which helps in gaining weight in your baby.bottle gaurd,dill leaves,Sabi daana is beleived to increase breastmilk supply.have anything that is healthy.my doctor had told to eat everything like normal person.keep.it healthy that's it ....
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Question: A diet chart for ten weeks pragency mother
Answer: When you are pregnant you should eat at least 2700 calories each day which means double the amount of food You are developing baby inside so your iron necessity will also be more Get plenty of rest put your legs and foot up as frequently as possible to avoid or reduce any swelling Take more fruits fruit juices boiled vegetables and nutritious diet Avoid spicy food and oily food Food heavy and hard to digest should also be avoided Eat in regular intervals small portions Boil cumin in water and add ghee sugar to it Keep on drinking it Tightness of stomach major issue is mainly due to gas formation and acidity By eating small portions at regular intervals you can avoid indigestion and reduce gas formation Cumin water helps you to lose the tightness Take care
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Answer: hi dear as ad feeding mother you should take more milk and milk products which helps to increase the milk secretion and also please avoid taking more gas causing food items oily and spicy hot food items which might cause a continuous poop for baby so avoid taking such dear take very normal diet add more vegetables and Green leaves in your diet which has to pass stool freely also tries to avoid constipation issue
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