3 months old baby

Question: Did v get pregnant after 2 months of delivery(cs), is any chance for that

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Answer: Hi dear yes u can get pregnant.after one chale only a lady start getting ovuating. So dis is why it is advise to take precaution while shaving sex even if u r not getting period.
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    Denu Nimu963 days ago

    I didn't get my periods still after delivery.i am really worried..is chance is high or low?

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Question: Hii mam after vaginal delivery with in three months we intercourse for one time there is any chance to get pregnant,and after delivery i didnt get my preidos after delivery
Answer: Hi dear it is normal for many women to not get their periods after delivery it takes it can take three months six months or your also and sometimes for some people it is very regular and they get it just after the month of delivery so it entirely depends one person to person however post delivery and while breastfeeding you remain fertile and your body remains fertile so whenever you come physically intimate with your partner you need to be protected had it been an unprotected sex this time after delivery then it might be a pregnancy it might not be a pregnancy that completely depends and you need to go for a check maybe after sometime or if you get to feel such symptoms but it is possible and at the same time it may not be possible so it is very hard without periods to tell that if you get pregnant or not that is why it is suggested to be protected.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello..i got my periods on 14th june after delivery on 10th may. After that, i didn't get the periods. Is there any chance of being pregnant ?
Answer: If you are breastfeeding your periods may delay upto months or even a year its very normal however if you have had unprotected intimacy then you must check your pregnancy at home
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Question: is there any chance to get pregnant after stopping delivory
Answer: I didn't get you what do you mean by stopping delivery dear ??? Ap Hindi ya koi b comfortable language me pooch sakte ho.
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