2 months old baby

Question: Dear moms, my baby was 50 days old and he has motion problem.. shall i gave prunes juice to him?? How much ml do we need to give?

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Question: My baby was 2 months old and shall i start to give water for him and how many timea i have to give and how much ?
Answer: Hllo.dear ur baby s 2 months old dear don't give water to ur baby before 6 months completed.dear water s going to baby through milk as if baby takes breastfeed water s going to baby through milk nd if u r giving formuka milk water s going through milk.so dear there s no need to give additional water .Give bf after 2 2 hours untill ur baby completed 6 months .Try it
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Question: My bBy is 4 day old....how much ml milk shd i breastfeed him and how much ml lactogen i can give him
Answer: I think lactogen is not suitable for 4 days baby. Feed baby with your brest milk. If not possible then use enfamil A+ milk powder it is best for the days baby.
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Question: How much ml paracetamol do we give 1year old chil
Answer: Hi dear, The doses depends on the age and weight of the baby.so it's always better to get it checked with your doctor.it should not be overdosed.
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