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Question: Dear madam my last period came on 05.01.2019 . thereafter i misssed my periods in the month of February ...stilll my period not came ..even i checked pregnancy test , blood test n all and the result were negative now what should i do ...neither am pregnant nor my period came so kindly guide me ..why my period is not coming

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Answer: Hello dear, it seems that may be you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. Wait for a week and take another test and if it comes negative then starts Treatment for the problem.
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Question: I had checked the urine test. The result was positive. But i went to hospital. Their had checked the blood test.. that blood test result was pregnant negative.. i am confused sadly.. my last period date was 25th February.
Answer: Hi dear the urine test result is positive then the blood report should have been a positive Idli but unfortunately blood report gives you an 100% accurate result hence we need to go with that report but your doctor my also prescribe you a few other tests to check as to why the report of urine has become positive .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Madam my last mentrual came on 05.01.2019 and now i have missed my period in the month of February ..also i checked pregnancy test and it was negative generally my periodic cycle is 1and half month now am confused ...what should i do i need to wait and retest my pregnancy test ?? Kindlu guide
Answer: Hi dear, if you have doubt correct time to do pregnancy test is after 7-10 days of missed period date in morning urine.
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Question: My last mentrual came on 05.01.2019 now in this month i missed my period thereafter i checked my pregnancy test on 09.02.2019 at home and results was negative now what should i do ... whether am pregnant or not how will i know .?? Kindly guide in this regard
Answer: please wait.after 10 or 15 days of missing period, u will check it..definitely you get the positive result
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