39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dear Dr kindly tell me it's my baby will be born in normal conditions?

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Answer: hi why do you worry dear if all the medical factors are within the normal range and all the parameters are normal then the baby will be born in the normal conditions there is nothing to worry dear if the baby's growth and development is proper there should be nothing to worry the doctor will keep monitoring your levels and the baby's Heartbeat at the time of delivery and everything will be under control so be calm
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Question: Am in my second trimester... my stomach hasn't stretch now. Will be any complications or it's normal pls tell me
Answer: It's normal dear. The stomach will strech after five months as the baby grows larger. Nothing to worry
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Question: hi my dr suggest me to take sugar test fasting and after meal....it's normal in fasting whether it will change after Meal..plz tell me.
Answer: yes it can change after having meal..all depends on what you are having in meal.. like.. if u r having roti dal sabji salad.. the sugar I blood will rise less . but if you will take rice instead of roti aur if u take a sweet with it.. then u will see a difference in sugar readings.. if u r not a diabetic then everything depends upon what type of food choices u make.. whether the food items are sugary and starchy and made with maida or the meal is full of green vegetables and salad with roti
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Question: tell me which type of ultrasound will be taken by dr.-transvaginal or normal..
Answer: Before scan you have to drink lot of water then only baby can be visible . If he/she is seen ultrasound ll be taken by stomach otherwise they do transvaginal.
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