3 months old baby

Question: Dead doctor: my baby born on december and my monthly peroid cycle start from jauary onwads but, thry are irrrgular and very heavy, took most of my strenght out, what to do

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Question: My baby chew millepede and I took out. I am scared of what happen to her, but she is active and normal. What can I do now
Answer: Check for loose motions your baby can get loose motion if she chewed a little bit of millipede and also if you feel that a baby is crying and not feeding properly then I will advise you to visit your pediatrician because then stomach pain drops will be given to your baby named drotin DS also few medication will also be started your doctor May also think of giving you anti helminthic medication if required
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Question: On my babys head lots of dead cell (37 days old) ..what to do
Answer: Apply oil fr hair n keep all things clean special baby towel m comb
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Question: I had delivered my baby on Oct 17 2018 and resumed my period on 25 December 2018 but till now I have not had my monthly period what to do???? Is there any problem????
Answer: No problem. Some ladies will have late periods after delivery.
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