2 years old baby

Question: Daily food chat

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Answer: Hi first of all you are two years old baby should have everything that you eat as a family there is no need to give separate food to your baby, here are some ideas of breakfast lunch mid morning snacks and evening snacks and dinner for the baby but please try to give as much as family food you can the the baby.. Early Morning Milk.. Breakfast: Suji porridge.. Cheela Plain dosa Veg Omlette Idli with Chutney Upma Baked sweetpotato.. Midmorning: Banana slices Watermelon Sticks Baked carrot/ beans Cheeko Strawberry Yogurt Cheese unsalted. Lunch: Pulao wirh curry.. Spinach rice Tomato rice Daal rice with okra fry Fish rice Paratha with veggies. Chicken soup with whole wheat bread. Afternoon Snack: Fruits smoothie. Fruits salad. Strawberry milk shake. Chikoo pieces. Yogurt Unsalted cheese cube. Oranges Dinner: Masoor Daal khichdi Moong daal cheela Uttapam. Oats banana pancakes Suji halwa. Paneer paratha Dosa with masala. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hello dear... kid's diet should contain all nutrients that needed for body's development both mentally and physically... Diet chart After wake-up give a glass of milk Breakfast Veg Poha Aloo paratha Panneer paratha Idly Dosa Health mix poridge Egg dosa Bread toast with butter Mid morning Fruit salad with honey Peanut ladoo Fruit milk shake Lunch Dal rice Veg rice You can also mix any veg poriyal with rice One egg daily Curd rice topped with dryfruits,carrot,pomogranate Evening Dry fruits Ground nut Chikki Rice flakes Makhana Dinner Chappati Veg dosa Uthappam Veg khichdi Rasam rice Before bed Glass of milk
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Question: I am now 6th month pregant what are the care i should take daily and food to have
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u should take healthy diet as babies growth depends on mothers diet so dear take Vegetables, beans and legumes. Aim to eat five serves of different vegetable types and colours, beans and legumes (such as chickpeas and lentils) each day,fresh Fruits Grains,Foods rich in protein nd Calcium-rich foods..ask to ur dr abht protein powder if she suggest u. U can take it wot milk too ,ask to ur dr nd take folic acid suppliment as ur dr suggest u, take rest ,avoid sex, avoid carry heavy things too nd take plenty of liquids nd water too.dont taje stress ,sleep 8 to 10 hours per day nd take nap in day too take care happy pregnancy
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Question: Babys daily food , my baby is 7 month
Answer: dear chng krke dedia kro daily jaise dal ka pani, fruits, mango thoda sa in milk, roti, dalia, suji
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Question: My baby completed his 7 month . Please someone suggest me his daily food routine
Answer: Every child has a different routine. My routine is in early morning around 6.30 to I give her a breast milk then in breakfast I give her a fruit Puree ( steamed Apple/pea, banana), in lunch dal rice fully cooked and smashed like smooth paste, in evening again I give any fruit and with ragi porridge or any other cereal, and in mid time I give her breast milk, in dinner I give roti mixed with dry fruits powder and socked in curry ( avoid any Salt and sugar) all her food made with natural taste without any sugar and salt. If you want to add salt you can use little bit of rock salt. Do check with baby likes and dislike All the best 👍👍
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