16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cow or buffalo milk ?which is better during pregnancy..

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Answer: It depends on your ability to digest milk dear.. both are equally nutritious and health for you during pregnancy..
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Question: Which milk is better in pregnancy buffalo or cow?
Answer: Both buffalo and cows milk is good and it depends which one you can get easily. Cow milk is easier to digest so, u can opt for cow's milk.
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Question: In pregnancy which milk is better, cow or buffalo?
Answer: Hi. For nutritional requirement one should opt for cow milk. As it contains good amount od calcium, protien, fat, iron and other nutritions too. But Buffalo's milk contains lot of fat which would increase your weight rapidly and required nutrition will all not get full filled. Good luck.
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Question: Cow milk or buffalo milk which is better during pregnancy
Answer: Hi. go for cow milk as it has most of the nutrition present in IT .buffalo milk has lot of fat percentage and so it will increase unnecessary weight of yours
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