8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Constipation ke liye kya kar sakte hain

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Answer: Hi, Eat fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables,drink plenty of water.avoid fries and masalas,dont skip meals.Eat carrots,Cucumber,banana, watermelon they will reduce your constipation.u can have oats kheer with honey and apple.its best for constipation and it will promote lactation too.walking will also ease gas problems.Try to each 5 different fruits and vegetables a day.avoid coffee U can drink jeera water too.its good for anemia, constipation,baby movements and uterine health
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    bubli kunmun831 days ago

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Question: kya baby ke liye honey nipple use kar sakte hain kya please anyone answer.....
Answer: Please don't use any of the Other nipples if your breastfeeding please feed the breast milk because two months it is too early as the skin and also the layers of the mouth inside will be very sensitive and delicate so we can use it after 6 months as the baby will be grown little and mouth will also be developed little and please don't give packet food items which are available in the market you can prepare the nutritious relax at home you have many YouTube channels and also you have many recipes on the heel of also we can go through with that please try to give natural items which are very healthy and nutritious avoid plastic items as much as possible as you can hope this is useful for you please like it if you like have a great time happy Motherhood take care of yourself and half year baby
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Question: Ceserian ke baad constipation k liye kya Karna chahiye?? Jise baby ko dikkat na ho
Answer: Hi, drink plenty of fluids like juices, coconut water. avoid spicy and oily foods.skip foods and drinks that can make worse like citrus fruits, coffee.better to take syrup duphalac 15 ml if you have constipation.go for a walk for better bowel movements if it is uncomplicated delivery.take care.
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Question: Feeding flow badane k liye Kya kar sakte he
Answer: Eat boiled eggs, soaked almonds, fresh fruits , drink milk ,eat leafy vegetables
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