3 months old baby

Question: Can we use turmeric power for baby to face

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Question: Can we use kasturi turmeric on babies
Answer: Dear its safe to use as many people do use it on their babies but all babies are different so aaply on small part of body and if it suits to your baby skin then you can use it whenever you want to..
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Question: Can i use turmeric for my 5 month boy baby ?? Some people said turmeric is not good for boy baby ...if we use turmeric for boy baby it will never allow beard hair in face ... Is it true ??
Answer: Yeah it's true... Don't use turmeric on baby boys...my grandmother also said like this
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Question: We can use Coconut oil and turmeric powder mix before bath for 72 days bby
Answer: Hie Yes you can it is great way to nourish your baby's skin
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