2 months old baby

Question: Can we use diaper all night.. My baby is 2 month old

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Answer: Yes dear, Using diaper on daily basis or all time not good. But if you are using only for overnight then its fine.
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Question: can we use ac .my baby is 2 month old
Answer: yes u can.. keep the temp as per ur n baby's comfort ..not too cold n not too hot
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Question: can i use diaper (pamper) for 2 month old baby???
Answer: hello dear i if you have to use diaper for the baby you can use it at night so that the baby will have a peaceful sleep even if the baby passes urine. But you have to keep changing the diaper in the night otherwise it will cause diaper rashes which is very painful for the baby. during the daytime it is advisable to use cloth nappies because it is more comfortable for the baby
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Question: My baby is 2 months old can i use diaper daily day and night ??? Is there any problem using so
Answer: Please don't use daiper full day. U can use at nights and that too you must change daiper in between to prevent daiper rashes. Full time use of daiper is not healthy for the baby
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