11 months old baby

Question: Can we use cypon syrup for 11 months baby

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Answer: Hi, any medicine you give your baby has to be checked with your paediatrian. Please xonfirm backbone of India doctor once and then give.
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Question: What is cypon syrup use for babies
Answer: Use cypon drops not syrup. . .It's for digestion . . .Give only 2 drops ,2 or one time a day
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Question: Can I give cypon syrup for ma 2 month baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear please do not give any medicine to your child without consulting a pediatrician.. The main role of cypon syrup is to increase the appetite of the babies.. I am not sure why you wish to give It to your child.. You need to breast feed your baby in every two hours.. One nursing session should last between 25 to 35 minutes...
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Question: Cypon syrup good for a baby
Answer: Hi Cypon syrup Is used to increase appetite in babies I would say avoid giving it as it hardly does any good and you are adding a medicine to routine If you wish to go medicine way rather add zinc supplements on would not only help with immunity but increase appetite as well consult your pediatrician for the same If anything opt for naturals ways to increase babies appetite Add ajwain , hing which aid digestion as indigestion is one of the major reason for loss of appetite Haldi,ginger,dalchini, Tulsi are all known to increase apetite add it to your baby's diet
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Question: Can we give cypon drops for 3 mnths baby...
Answer: Hello! No, please avoid giving any medicine to the baby without consulting the doctor. Cypon can cause side-effects, hence should be given only under the guidance of the doctor. Take care
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