1 months old baby

Question: Can we take 45 th day vaccination on 44 th day,, is there any problem?

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Answer: hello dear, yes you can take 45th day vaccination on 44th day is your paediatric allows. Generally you can give vaccination after 1 or 2 weeks of the scheduled date but not before the scheduled dt. If there is any urgent situation then you can request your paediatric to give it one day before.
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Question: Is there any problem when polio vaccine taken 2 weeks after 45 th day of baby
Answer: Hello dear usually you should not skip the date of taking vaccination for newborn babies but at any unavoidable situations like babies sick you can postponed the date of vaccination so it would be good to take the injection as soon as possible because when you prolong the date of the first injection then the next vaccination should be prolonged as much as the date you took last one so you need to calculate from the day you took vaccination for your next vaccine.
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Question: There is any posibility of negative on blood test on 36 th day and positive result on 45 th day pls reply
Answer: Hi dear! HCG hormone does take some time to establish in body maybe that is the reason you have received negative 136 day it can also be due to delayed conception for which you have received positive on 45th day.. Hope this helps
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Question: hi i am giving 45 days vaccination on 49 th day to my newborn have any problem due to this
Answer: It's not at all a problem.. Take it new born in the morning hours for vacc.. so that baby forgets pains in sleep keep p125 drops if baby gets fever
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