4 months old baby

Question: Can we start giving banana smash for 5 months baby

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Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to start solids only after 6 months. Till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
Answer: Hi, you should start the solids only after 6 months. until then please give breastfeeding.
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Question: Can we start feeding banana for a 2month old baby????
Answer: Hi.. Dear breast feed or formula milk for complete six months, nothing else.. Normal milk can be given after an year. After completion of six months you can give boiled cereal water first (dal ka pani), then semi liquid porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentil and rice porridges), boiled and mashed potatoes, bananas (mashed or in the form of smoothie).. If the baby is able to digest these food sources, then introduce ragi, oats, dalia..DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SALT, UNTIL YOUR BABY IS AN YEAR OLD.. Start giving with small bowls, gradually increase the quantity.. Serve in three different meals as per your convenience..
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Question: From what age can we start giving cerelac? Can we start giving from 4 months onwards?
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby is just 4 months old.and ideally he should be exclusively breastfed.the nutrition from milk would be enough for the baby now.you are not supposed to given water to your baby.continue with exclusively breast feeding till 6 months.only after that start with semi solid or pureed food.early introducing solids might strain his digestive system and could lead to loose motion and vomiting...
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Question: Can we friut smash to 5 month baby
Answer: Hi. Semi Solid food should always be introduced after 6 month of age. Before 6 month baby gets all the nutrition from your breast milk or formula and no other food or supplement is required. If you will start wheaning before 6 month of age it would affect babies digestive system as babies digestive system ist that strong.
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