24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we sew during pregnancy?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear Yes u can do sewing in pregnancy but take proper care of urself. U should use comfortable chair for urself and also dont do continuous work. Take a break in between and have a walk for atleast 5 minutes.
Answer: Hi dear, yes you can use electric sewing machine but avoid the traditional ones with pedel as it can cause cramps and strain to you.
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Question: Can we cut clothes an sew during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Cutting cloth dies not create any problem. But sewing may be cause strain to your legs and abdomen which is not safe at this stage of pregnancy. If you are using automatic machine which does not need you to strain, you can sew. Take care
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Question: Can i sew in the machine in this stage
Answer: Hi,you can if there is a healthy pregnancy. But you should be careful with your sitting position ,don't sit for too long at a stretch to avoid cramps in legs and back pain. In case you feel uncomfortable you should stop and take rest.
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Question: Can i sew clothes in machine in thise pregnancy period
Answer: Hi dear, You can sew clothes provided you donot sit at one place for long time.as it could stress your while body including your eyes.
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