16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we run in the fourth month of pregnancy?

1 Answers
Answer: Running is prohibited since d tym u conceived
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Question: Can I eat papaya in the fourth month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear. Papaya is not recommended during pregnancy. Pineapple and grapes too are not recommended. Take care.
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Question: can we have Saffron in the fourth month of my pregnancy
Answer: Hi as the saffron can be taken after 5th month but in moderate quantity as in excess may cause gastric trouble as it is little heat in nature and may cause uterine contractions and cause problems so have it in moderate quantity take care
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Question: We can run in pregnancy??lit bite??
Answer: Hi dear avoid to run in the beginning of pregnancy as this is very important because there are more chances of miscarriages for various mistakes. But once the first trimester is over then you can run little bit
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