20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we go for walking in 5th month..

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Answer: If there are no complications associated with your pregnancy then absolutely yes. Infact you should be physically active if advised otherwise by your gynecologist. Take care.
Answer: Yes you can...but not too much and when you feel tired or after 30min take rest...
Answer: Yes, 2nd trimester is allowed for walk, however no severity in pregnancy
Answer: Yes u should go for walking 🙂
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    Inul Jariya732 days ago

    M going...but night time i feel leg pain and its disturbing my sleep..thats y worried wether to go for walking or not

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    shalu yadav732 days ago

    If it is disturbing your sleep than avoid it for some days also take your calcium folic supplements daily and a healthy diet, keep yourself hydrated. Take care and happy pregnancy 🤰

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Question: During pregnancy time in which month shall we go for walking???? Nd how much long time we can spend for walking .........
Answer: Hello dear, you can start walking from today. If you walked regularly before being pregnant, keep doing it. If you're new to walking, start with a short, 15-minute comfortable stroll, three times a week.  Once you’ve got into the habit of walking regularly, you can build up to faster, 30-minute walking sessions, four or more times a week. If you have a high fitness level you can walk for longer than that. Just be sure to slow down or stop if you feel overtired, unwell, or feel any pain. Your body will generally be able to tell you when it’s time to stop.... Take care urself....
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Question: We can go walking
Answer: Since u r only 3 weeks pregnant it is not mandatory to go for walking or exercise . avoid travelling , standing for longer period of time , lifting heavy objects and continuously doing work without rest .. until 3 months of pregnancy be cautious and take a healthy and rich diet.. include more fruits vegetable pulses and other proteins to your diet it is very important to eat well at this phase of first trimester .. you can concentrate on walking and other exercises in the second and third trimester
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Question: Is walking good during 9 month?????Can we go morning and evening both time for walking?????
Answer: Hi dear, Walking is good during pregnancy and also it is a low impact exercise that burns calories and helps to increase your metabolism. In fact doctor suggests to have daily 30 minutes walk for atleast 5 days a week.
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