7 months old baby

Question: Can we give sweet potato mash and glucose water to 7months baby

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Answer: hello dear, yes you can give mashed sweet potatoes to a baby above 6 months old. but as you ask about Glucose water I will suggest you to avoid giving any external sugary substances to your baby. it will cause not only tooth decaying , it also cause stomach upset in baby. you can give different types of fruit juices like pomegranate juice, sweet lime juice to the baby as a substitute of Glucose water. fruits contain natural glucose so it will keep your baby energetic and hydrated.
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Question: Can we give sweet potato to 10 months babies
Answer: Hi dear surely u should give. Dis is one of the best thing to give it to babu. It is easy to digest and filling. Also helps in gaining weight.
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Question: Can we give potato, sweet potato for 8 months baby?
Answer: Yes. Introduce sweet potato first and give for 3-4 days to see no allergy. Potatoes may cause gas so pay attention.
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Question: can we give glucose water to 6th month baby
Answer: Not recommended, as it is loaded with empty calories,, instead give some fruit juice which contains glucose
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