1 months old baby

Question: Can we give lactogen 2 formula milk for a 1 month old baby... I bought it by mistake...it s prescribed for 6 month old baby... Whether it is safe to feed?

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Answer: No it is not safe to feed lactogen 2 formula milk for a 1 month old baby. As it ccannot be digeested by 1month baby. Depending on age of the baby formula milk should be given. There are stages to use formula milk according to that we should follow then only it is safe for children.
Answer: No...please dont use it for 1 month old baby....till 6 months u have to give lactogen 1 ....
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Question: Hi, I want to ask can we give 6 month old baby cow milk.. Is it safe for baby health?
Answer: Hi dear ,Ideally you should not give your baby cow milk before one year of age cow milk is high in nutrient concentration and your baby's simple stomach is not able to digest that. As a result your baby will suffer from Stomach problem and loose motion. So it's better to continue breastfeeding or formula feeding till one year of age. After one year you can gradually at animal milk in your baby's diet. Before bringing any changes in your baby's diet consult your doctor to avoid any health hazards of your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it safe to give bm and formula milk together for 2 month old baby
Answer: Obviously but try to feed him breast milk..bm gets digested easily as compared to formula and also breast milk is a rich source of nutrients which can fulfill babys needs
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Question: Hello , my baby completed 4 month, 5th month going to start . So can i give formula milk lactogen 2 . Because i gave lactogen 1 till 4 month n it s suited too . Pls suggest
Answer: Yes u can continue to give lactogen.or for change u can try nan pro one of the most good fm
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Question: What formula milk we can give instead of similac for 1 month old baby
Answer: Hi dear, You can try lactogen or nestle nan pro.they are equally good.
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