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Question: Can we eat pineapple and papaya during the 31st week of pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear It Is not recommended to eat papaya and pineapple during pregnancy .although u entered in to 31st week eating papaya may leads to early labour or spotting. As we believe that eating papaya in early pregnancy leads to miscarriages hence it is not safe throughout the pregnancy .pineapple also have the same properties. so it is good to avoid pineapple and papaya during pregnancy
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    Rashmi Upmanyu601 days ago

    Please avoid these 2 fruits papaya n pineapple during whole pregnancy...

Answer: Noo..it should be eaten only after 37 weeks as it can cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labour. ... For this reason Pineapple should be avoided in early weeks.
Answer: Please avoid this two fruits during pregnancy
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Question: Can we eat pineapple and papaya during the 31st week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, u can have full riped papaya. But pineapples they contain bromelain which could soften the cervix and cause early labour. So if want u can have in 9 th month.
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Question: Can we have papaya ,pineapple and ginger during pregnancy?
Answer: It's better to have papaya and pineapple during your pregnancy period. Papaya intake apparently brings on labour early or causes miscarriage. This is partially true. Papayas, especially the unripe and semi-ripe ones are rich in latex, which is known to trigger uterine contractions. Pineapples are rich in bromelain, which can cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labour.One can have pineapple in moderate quantities as it will have no effect on labour and delivery, however, its intake should be restricted during the first trimester to avoid any unforeseen event such as softening of the cervix. For this reason Pineapple is in list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. It is safe to take fresh ginger in your food during pregnancy. However, dried root may not be good. Ginger is beneficial as long as you take it in healthy amounts, by adding it to a recipe or ginger tea. Do not take any ginger supplements unless you get your doctor’s opinion, as the higher concentrations may raise the risk of miscarriage. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: Can we eat papaya and pineapple during pregnancy
Answer: Hello... Pineapple and papaya are said to cause early labour in pregnant women. Ripe Papaya is good for health if taken in moderate amount, whereas unripe papaya should be avoided as it has higher amount of papain that has been proven to cause contractions in the uterus. Even pineapple can cause something similar so one must watch the quantity of its intake. In India it's a common belief that papaya and pineapple causes the stomach to heat up and many use it for early abortions too. So i would suggest you to avoid both now.
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