12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we eat Maggi ..I have very much cravings for that ..pl suggest

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Answer: Yes but only sumtimes
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Question: Can i have maggi once in while as i cravings for maggi
Answer: Hello, dear. Maggie is made of maida which is difficult to digest . Taste maker contains ajinomoto Ajinomoto can majorly affect the development of the brain in the fetus. Hence, it is advised to avoid its consumption to a large extent to protect the growth of the baby. It would be better to avoid. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: I have cravings for maggi can i have it once
Answer: Offcorse u can eat Maggie...I also had a Maggie during my pregnancy and my baby girl is very healthy and active....go ahead and enjoy your pregnancy...
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Question: can i eat tikki ? i have too much cravings of that..
Answer: Do not eat outside food, it is danger, prefer house food till your baby come outside afterwords u can eat outside food
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