11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can v have sea food during first trimester

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Answer: Hi dear avoid prawn, crab, broiler chicken, corn, mushroom, papaya and pineapple
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Question: Can i have sea food during my pregnancy?
Answer: Hello...it is good to have seafood in moderation, because some seafood has mercury,which is not good to have during pregnancy,can have weekly twice it is advisable,fish like catfish,salmon,shrimp,Sarson are best sea foods recommend during pregnancy
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Question: Can we eat prawns and other sea food during 1st trimester
Answer: Strictly no!!!!...as sea food contains mercury. Which can lead abortion... If u already knw any certain fish doesn't contain mercury then u can eat such fishes. Best way is to avoid for 9months...
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Question: Can i eat sea food during 1st trimester like hilsa and prawn etc?
Answer: Hi dear best is to avoid this in 1st trimester pregnancy as sea foods can be a bit harmful if proper safety measures are not taken like in pregnancy you need to have fish that is low in Mercury also your fish should be well cooked if its raw it can harm your baby.
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Question: Can I have fish sea cod capsules in first trimester of pregnancy.
Answer: No.. It's not pregnancy safe.. Only folic acid tablets enough in 1 st trimester
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